Katie Holmes Nude Beach Shoot: Something for the Weekend!

katie holmes nude h. stern ad 1

Maybe it’s just because we weren’t really big Dawson’s Creek fans, but Katie Holmes has never really struck as a major league sex symbol. Maybe it’s just because we didn’t grow up fantasizing over her–or, for that matter, Michelle Williams. We kind of really missed out on that whole Dawson’s Creek thing. But the joke is on us, since the upscale jewelry chain H. Stern has gotten very comfortable with the idea of Katie exuding sex appeal. Just check out these pics (that supposedly feature jewelry) as Katie cavorts on the beach and slides out of her swimwear.

katie holmes nude h. stern ad 2

The 34-year-old mom sure seems seductive as she joins the ranks of Kate Moss and Catherine Deneuve in modeling for H. Stern. There’s a good reason that she’s on the beach, too. Now that we’ve stared at these pics for a good long time, we just figured out that Katie’s modeling a jewelry line with designs based on the ocean. Yeah, we get it now.

katie holmes nude h. stern ad 3

Well, this is all very nice for Katie. She could certainly use the support of knowing that she’s the face behind an international ad campaign. After all, her recent foray into Broadway didn’t really work. Her play Dead Accounts closed pretty abruptly. She’s positioning herself for a return into film, though. Katie has one upcoming project where she’s teamed with heavyweight talents like William Hurt, Jean Reno, and Allison Janney in a┬ámodern retelling of Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull.” There’s also a more mainstream romantic comedy in the works where Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford falls for her–and then figures out that Katie was his old babysitter. Something tells us that Katie won’t have any trouble playing a sexy older woman.

Anyway, enjoy these beach pics on what should still be a cold weekend. We’re going to hang around outside the Manhattan H. Stern store and…well, we’ll try to look cool.

katie holmes nude h. stern ad 4