brody jenner fun facts
brody jenner fun facts
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The Kardashian-Jenner empire of today is one that reaches nearly every corner of the earth. While Caitlyn Jenner is championing the rights of the trans community, her step-daughters continue to be raunchy and fly on Instagram. Often left out of the picture (though not always by choice) are sons Brandon, Burt, and Brody Jenner. While you may think you already know everything about Brody Jenner (yes, we realize you know he was on The Hills), there’s a lot more to uncover. In honor of the Sex with Brody host turning 33, we’ve rounded up the things you still may not know about him.

He’s Related to the Foster Twins

The more we find out about the Kardashian’s connections to fame, luxury, and celebrity, the more we realize that they were destined to fall into the spot they currently occupy.  Brody and Brandon’s mother (Caitlyn Jenner’s second wife) Linda Thompson married David Foster following her breakup with Jenner.

Now, Foster has an even more roller coaster relationship history. Before getting with Thompson, he had four daughters with two women. Two of those daughters are Erin and Sara Foster, friends of Nicole Richie and stars of VH1’s Barely Famous.

Fun fact: Thompson also dated Elvis in the 70s.

And the Hadids

The Hollywood royalty bloodline keeps going. After Thompson and Foster didn’t work out, Foster married Yolanda Hadid, who is mother to Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid. Yes, all of the young, beautiful, people in Hollywood are loosely related.

Brody Has Been on So Many Reality Shows

Before even The Hills, Brody and Brandon starred in The Princes of Malibu which was basically a 2005 version of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills that appeared on Fox. The show featured Brody and Brandon (sorry Burt) and their pal Spencer Pratt hanging out with Jenner’s mom Linda and her then-husband David Foster. Six episodes were made, two were aired, Foster and Thompson announced they were splitting up the day of the show’s premiere. At least it got Brody on The Hills (sorry Brandon).

Brody was also on an episode of Party Monsters: Cabo and hosted Bromance which was a dating show to find him a new best friend (don’t worry Paris Hilton did it first) and recently launched Sex with Brody

His First Name Isn’t Even Brody

Yes, we’ve been all living a lie. Jenner was born Sam Brody Jenner, and legally has never changed it. Turns out the B naming scheme between brothers Brandon and Burt wasn’t so perfect after all. #TriedIt

And He Never Even Hooked up with LC

Well how about that to kill your teenage hopes and dreams? In an interview with Yahoo, Jenner reveals that the show was even more scripted than people would imagine. He didn’t have a relationship with Lauren Conrad whatsoever other than a friendship and didn’t sleep with the girls from the show. Well that’s no fun.

He’s In a Relationship

It may seem somewhat inconsistent to have a show called Sex with Brody and be monogamous, but Brody is doing it… for the most part. He’s currently seeing lifestyle blogger Kaitlynn Carter (who encourages threesomes in their relationship, incase you were wondering) and the pair has been dating since 2013.

Are you obsessed with Brody Jenner like we are?

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