Whether Miley Cyrus is twerking up a storm or Beyoncé is displaying her fierceness, we don't let a video, track, or album slip by without us noticing.

Macklemore complex feature

Macklemore Gets Real In Complex Magazine

Complex Magazine is no stranger to landmark covers and in-depth celebrity interviews. This month though, the magazine may have even topped itself with a double-cover featuring Khloé Kardashian on one side, with Macklemore &...
drake meek mill charged up

Drake Shuts Down Meek Mill’s Claim That He Doesn’t Write His Own Raps

With the release of Drake's most recent single Charged Up, the artist has officially shut down accusations that he has been using ghostwriters to do the writing for him, which in the music business, is referred to...
katy bruno ed twitter nicki minaj

Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry Join VMA Twitter Nonsense

VMA nominations announced, world implodes. While everyone is still reeling from the Nicki Minaj v. Taylor Swift feud of the century and Miley Cyrus is probably gearing up to be more of a referee and...
miley cyrus vma host feature

Miley Cyrus To Host The 2015 MTV VMA’s

While award-season proper ended months ago, we're approaching a period of can't-miss award shows like the American Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and MTV's legendary Video Music Awards. The MTV VMA's are a can't-miss event...
Kanye West Glastonbury set feature

Kanye West Goes On ANOTHER Rant About How Great He Is

Now that the US festival circuit is beginning to wind down, the UK's Glastonbury Festival was in full-swing this weekend, where Kanye West was very uh... Kanye West-esque. You may remember a few months back...
Eddy Cue Taylor Swift apple feud

Taylor Swift V. Apple: What Happened?

Taylor Swift once had somewhat of an innocent persona in the music industry, but these days she is a force to be reckoned with and one of the first to cry foul when things don't...
lani renaldo and LANY

Lani Renaldo and LANY, The Musicians You Haven’t Heard Of But Should

It's not all too common that we do a musical exploration piece around these parts, so when we do, you know we mean serious business. Lani Renaldo and LANY are two Los Angeles-based acts...
Paul McCartney 73 feature

The Truth Behind Those Famous Beatles Songs

As one of the two remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney continues to be a pretty big deal. The rockstar turns 73 today! Not only is he still an active musician, but he's had one hell...
Firefly Music Festival - Day 4

4 Things To Look Forward To At The Firefly Music Festival

After successful shows at Coachella and Bonnaroo, we are officially in the midst of festival season. There aren't all too many opportunities left to pack up the car, find a bunch of friends in...
jennifer lopez last vegas celebrity watchdog feature

Jennifer Lopez Is Heading To Vegas

And will reportedly be playing all of her hits!