celebrity breakup quotes

Messy breakups have been highlighting the media today, so when a celebrity is able to come out and discuss their hardships with a self empowering attitude, hopefully it will inspire others to take a stand when needed and do what is best for themselves. That all said, to honor some of the brave celebrities who came out of difficult relationships and were able to spread the message of individuality and self empowerment, we here at Gossip Brunch picked out some of the most inspiring breakup quotes to highlight their strength. Check out who made our list!

celebrity breakup quotes

Jennifer Aniston 

“Am I lonely? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. Do I have my days when I’ve thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely. But I’m also doing really well. I’d be a robot if I said I didn’t feel moments of anger, of hurt, of embarrassment… [but] You joke and say, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.”

Jennifer Lopez

“I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love. It’s still my biggest dream. I am positive-determined to move forward with my life, bring up my babies, and do the best job I can as a mother, entertainer, and person. I now look forward to new challenges. I feel strong.”

Nicole Kidman

“I’m not sure what the future holds but I do know that I’m going to be positive and not wake up feeling desperate. As my dad said ‘Nic, it is what it is, it’s not what it should have been, not what it could have been, it is what it is’.”

Taylor Swift

“There’s just been this earth-shattering, not recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak, and that will turn out to be what the next album is about. The only way that I can feel better about myself — pull myself out of that awful pain of losing someone — is writing songs about it to get some sort of clarity.”

Vanessa Paradis

“Love is the strongest and most fragile thing we have in life. Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn’t work from the beginning, it’s never going to work. Don’t push it.”

Robert Pattinon

“Shit happens, you know? It’s just young people… it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a shit? The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict.”

Sandra Bullock

“We’re all where we’re supposed to be. I am exactly where I want to be now. You can’t go backward. I’m not going backward. I’m grateful that I’m here, blessed to have what I have. Nobody can be prepared for anything. If you end up in a place where you can look back and go, ‘It happened, but I’m so lucky to be sitting where I am sitting. . . .'”


“Breaking up is a natural evolution when you try to figure out what you want in life. If you’re with an individual who isn’t moving in the same direction and at the same rate that you are, it ain’t going to work.”

Which of these celebrity breakup quotes is your favorite?

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