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Now that Mother’s Day is over, so is the traffic and realization you will never live up to your parent’s standards. Thankfully you have about a month until Father’s Day, when you have to do another long social media rant that your parents probably won’t read.

Eminem took another approach to Mother’s Day entirely, making a video for his mom that also told the story through her perspective, in his song “Headlights” with Nate Ruess. What did you do for your Mom? Get her some cheap flowers from Home Depot?

“Headlights”- Eminem ft. Nate Ruess (5/11)

Cinematically this is one of the most unique videos we’ve seen in a while. The video is shot first-person style portraying a low-income family going through the struggles of their day, while seeing Eminem on TV. At one point the person goes through a photo album of Marshall Mathers himself, unveiling we are really seeing life through his mom. To be fair, the video was released on Mother’s Day.

In much more seductive videos, Lana Del Rey simmered in “West Coast,” while Shakira dominated in leather to her new track “Dare (La La La )

“Dare (La La La)”- Shakira (5/7)

From when the video opens and Shakira is seen in leather, we know this is going to be a good one. Shakira’s hips are doing anything but lying in the EDM song off of her self-titled album, released earlier this year. The song is definitely much different from anything we’ve ever heard from Shakira, although she knows just what to do in the video when the beat drops. The video is pretty much just Shakira dancing seductively for 3 minutes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“West Coast”- Lana Del Rey (5/7)

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to stroll down the beach with Lana Del Rey, you are in luck. “West Coast” features Del Rey canoodling with a Kurt Cobain wannabe for most of the video, in the almost-lethargic song. We like Lana and all, but does this video make anyone else want to take a nap? No? It was a long Mother’s Day weekend, okay? As to be expected 1) Lana sounds and looks amazing in the video, 2) She smokes a cigarette at one point. Also, if you make it all the way through the video, 3:30 in there is some color.

In chart news, there have finally been some changes. Pharrell’s “Happy” has been dethroned after ten consecutive weeks, and John Legend’s equally positive “All of Me” has taken over the top spot. This is Legend’s first number-one, occurring ten years after first landing on the chart.

Frozen has now spent 13 non-consecutive weeks atop of its chart, the Billboard 200, making it one of  39 albums to do so. 25 years ago Pop Queens Madonna and Paula Abdul were owning the charts, while Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ celebrated their second number-one this time last year with “Can’t Hold Us.”

The album release parade that began last week is continuing strong with another solid week of releases from Blondie and Dolly Parton to Tori Amos and The Black Keys. The next few weeks won’t be as exiting, so enjoy them while they last.

Other Videos:

  • Usher dropped a music video to “Good Kisser,” and as usual it isn’t all too exciting of a video…but it’s Usher.
  • Famed songwriter Sia pocketed a good one for herself with “Chandelier.”

    Albums Dropping This Week:

    • Pixie Lott– Pixie Lott (5/12)
    • Blondie 4(0) Ever– Blondie Two-disc album (5/13)
      • Ghosts of Download Past (A new 13-track album)
      • Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits (The second disc, greatest hits album)
    • Blue Smoke– Dolly Parton (5/13)
    • Everythang’s Corrupt– Ice Cube (5/13)
    • Xscape– Michael Jackson (5/13) (Previously unreleased songs)
    • Rewind– Rascal Flatts (5/13)
    • Turn Blue– The Black Keys (5/13)
    • Unrepentant Geraldines– Tori Amos (5/13)

    Hits of History:

    • 1974 (40 Years Ago)
      • #1 Song: “The Streak“- Ray Stevens
      • #1 Album: The Sting [Soundtrack]
    • 1989 (25 Years Ago)
      • #1 Song: “Forever Your Girl“- Paula Abdul
      • #1 Album: Like a Prayer – Madonna
    • 2013 (Last Year)
      • #1 Song: “Can’t Hold Us” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton
      • #1 Album: Life on a Rock – Kenny Chesney
    • This Week
      • #1 Song: “All of Me” – John Legend
      • #1 Album: Frozen [Soundtrack]


    What’s your favorite bit of new music this week?

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