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This year, Johnny Depp‘s 16-year-old daughter Lily Rose Depp instantly became almost as famous as her father. The young actress/model appeared as if out of no where, walking in fashion shows and being profiled by Vogue Paris.

But as her success grows, so does her father’s uneasiness with her new found fame. “To be honest, I’m quite worried. What’s happening with Lily-Rose right now isn’t what I expected. Definitely not at this age. But these are her passions and she’s having fun,” Depp told German magazine Gala. He added, that whatever happens he will always be there for his eldest child.


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Perhaps Depp is worried because he knows how challenging the industry can be. When he was young, Depp ran into a few legal issues and had tumultuous relationships of his own.  But let’s be honest, when your dad is Johnny Depp, you already have fame without wanting it, and when you do want it? Well it comes at you rather quickly.

However, we think if Lily Rose continues in the fashion world, she will find a solid support system. It isn’t like it used to be to be quite honest. Models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are setting good examples for what the industry is like now, e.i. no smoking, just joking.

Do you think Johnny Depp should be worried?