one direction hiatus
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one direction hiatus
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Zayn Malik may have turned out to be Ginger Spice after all. Nearly five months since Malik’s exit from the internationally successful One Direction, the band has planned a hiatus to start in 2016.

Various sources including E! Online are reporting that the band will begin a hiatus that will start in March of next year. Sources claim that the band will continue to work together in the future and want to spend time working on solo projects. It’s being called a great creative time for the group, which we are a little skeptical about. The hiatus is seemingly indefinite, while other outlets have claimed it will be one year. Not to sound like the glass is half empty, but most band breakups start just like this. It’s worth noting that this hiatus was allegedly expected with or without Zayn, but we aren’t taking that at face value either.

This has certainly been a rough year for the group overall after Malik left, and it was revealed that Louis is an expecting father.

Back in late march, Malik announced that he would be leaving his One Direction bandmates after being a part of the group since they were originally fused together on the U.K.’s X Factor in 2010. Malik cited the desire to have a more normal life out of the spotlight. This would have been great and understandable and all, but then he started recording new music.

In the time since since leaving 1D, Malik has been constantly in the headlines. First, he and Perrie Edwards broke off their engagement, then Malik ended up in a Twitter war with Calvin Harris over his girlfriend Taylor Swift. At least he was vocally supportive of his former bandmates when they released their new single “Drag Me Down.”

On the bright side, we’re left with a few more good months with One Direction as a fully formed foursome, before they jump into the abyss of the ever-so-elusive hiatus territory.

Do you think One Direction Will Actually Split Up?

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