taylor swift lisa kudrow smelly cat

Just when we thought Taylor Swift had brought every special guest ever on her “1989” world tour, she goes and brings on Phoebe Buffay (AKA Lisa Kudrow). YES, Phoebe Buffay from the only memorable show from the 90s, FRIENDS.

Swift decided to close her tour in Los Angeles with Kudrow, and it was definitely a memorable way to go. The 25-year-old singer introduced the famous friend by telling the audience that this was her first time performing on stage — she’s only ever performed in coffee houses. Funny enough, we knew right away who Swift was talking about, the other fans didn’t.

But as soon as Kudrow Buffay walks on stage, the crowd goes wild. The duo performed the hit “Smelly Cat,” together and it was hilarious. We particularly loved how Kudrow, who hasn’t played the character in over 10 years, was totally in Phoebe mode. Her hair was long and wavy, she wore a long skirt, and even corrected Swift’s pitch of the lyrics. Very funny, guys.

Last night was naturally the biggest show for surprise performers. Swift’s best friend forever Selena Gomez was welcomed on the stage, as was Justin Timberlake.

We have to give it to Taylor, she definitely didn’t make this tour all about herself. Over the past few months she has invited Lily Aldridge, John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres, Mary J. Blige and a slew of other famous celebs to take center stage.

Now that her big tour is over, we’re curious what Swift will be up to next… probably just hanging with her cats.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s performance?