the conjuring movie trailer f

We’re veteran horror fans who are pretty much used to every cheap trick that can be used to promote a scary movie. We’re still really impressed by the new trailer for The Conjuring. We originally thought that this thriller was going to be just an excuse for talented director James Wan (of Saw and Insidious fame) to get Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson into some swinging ’70s outfits for an old-fashioned haunted house story. We would’ve been happy with a kind of revisiting to The Amityville Horror.

But what we get with this Conjuring trailer is essentially a creepy short film starring Lili Taylor–who we didn’t even know was in the movie. James Wan once again shows that he has a really brilliant eye for cranking up established horror conventions. In fact, we’re willing to wager that Wan (working from a script by the usually dull Chris & Carey Hayes) found some inspiration here from the underrated 1991 TV-movie The Haunting. In fact, we just took a break from writing this to look up The Haunting, and found a comment in a write-up on the movie that actually notes how Wan is a huge Haunting fan. Hooray for us.

Anyway, this trailer weirds us out in a way that we haven’t been weirded out since The Haunting, so Wan can consider this another career high. We’re looking forward to the movie this summer, but we’re already considering this to be much more than just a teaser trailer. But it is a pretty great teaser trailer, so we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s not actually called a teaser trailer. As we’ve complained about recently, the term “teaser” seems to have changed. “Horror” is still used accurately, though, so check out this trailer that’s properly horrific…