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[UPDATED WITH NEW MOVIE POSTER AND PICS–AND SOME BAD NEWS] Brad Pitt was in Hoboken, New Jersey, last night for a screening of World War Z. We were in Hoboken, too. We bought a couple of DVDs at the Tunes store on Washington Street, had a few drinks at Biggies, and then went back into Manhattan because Brad Pitt forgot to tell us that he was in Hoboken,┬áNew Jersey, last night! What a jerk. We know he has our number. It feels like just yesterday that his lawyers were contacting us over a little matter involving the use of photographs that weren’t really taken in a public place. It was just a big misunderstanding. Things were quickly resolved after a lot of pleading and the complete destruction of the run of a print publication. Damnit.

Anyway, here’s some video of Brad Pitt at the Clearview Cinemas in Hoboken before a screening of World War Z. We could’ve walked over to the Clearview Cinemas from Washington Street. It’s on the other side of town, but Hoboken’s only a mile square. Wouldn’t have been any problem at all for us to have shown up and helped Brad Pitt with handing out t-shirts or maybe just making sure he had a parking place. We also could’ve brought along a video recorder and shot the movie as it played on the screen. Brad could look at our tape later on and get an idea of how it looked to your average moviegoer. We’d have been happy to help.

That reminds us to tell you to enjoy this video while you can. A lot of news agencies are trying to buy this tape for exclusive rights. One of them is a regular contributor to this site, so maybe we’ll be able to run the video again–but they’ll probably add an annoying British guy talking over the best parts. For now, though, you can enjoy this video like you were actually there. Like we should have been. But were not. And all because Brad holds silly grudges over the most laughably small things you can imagine. Yeah. Something small. You see what we’re implying there? Small. Ha ha ha.

[UPDATE] As foreseen, this video has been pulled–but we’re putting up the best new World War Z pics of a bunch just released, along with the new World War Z poster–and we’re leaving up that pic in the theater, so you know we didn’t just go making that up like that time we told that story about Angelina Jolie…]

World War Z New Pic

World War Z New Pic 2

World War Z New Poster